What do the red %'s represent?

  • I notice that on the WooCommece plugin their is a section that indicated % change. What is this % change? What is this supposed to represent? Is it price change? All of my payment options are stuck on -0%. Thank you for the plugin and any help on this would be appreciated!

  • Normally, payment gateway systems for other cryptocurrencies in order to integrate automatic payments must be done by intermediaries or must be paid via different accounts. EzDeFi has created a new logic that can help merchants receive payments directly to their only wallet while still processing payments automatically.
    The way EzDeFi works is to make the system able to locate customers who are paying for any order, using payment amount as an unique ID. However, there are situations when, at the same time, many customers paying the same amount. Therefore, by adding or subtracting the total payment for a few small units in fractions, the system is able to generate an unique ID. For example, if the total payment is $12.34, the additional amount may be $12,3400001 up to a limit of no more than 1% of 12.34, such as $12.46. However, this situation only occurs when the number of orders reaches 12000 orders in 15 minutes, otherwise it still uses the original number of $12.34.
    So ezDeFi suggests the number to be 0.1%, meaning that if there are 1200 orders within 15 minutes, the total payment will vary maximum from USD 12.34 to USD 12.3412.

    This does not detract from the payment customer experience, because when converted into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is also an odd number.

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