Transactions always Expire and Bitcoin is removed from wallet and I did not receive it.

  • Hello,
    I just set all this up and have been testing.
    So far I'm stuck with an issue of BTC expiring, yet it's removed from the wallet. Nothing gets sent to my ezDefi Wallet and the product is stuck on pending.

    I'm using WHMCS new module 2.0.1

    Has anyone seen this? get past it? I was wondering if it matters the amount im sending? I'm just testing with $1, but that is also the cost i might offer for some products.
    If you think $1 is this issue, what is the minimum one should use This for and maybe their could be a filter of using this payment type, of that is the case?



    I Finally did get Coin into my wallets, so it seems to take lots of time, sure no problem.

    I changed the Expiration time on the Coins to MUCH higher.

    Now I see some Coins that I already received still in the ezDefi Merch Dashboard, Still as pending....

    • The Product that was purchased was not released to the customer.
    • I went into the Payment Gateway area, opened the exception table, where i can see a "pending" tab, nothing was inside.... Looked in "Archive" Tab, saw the transaction that posted to my Wallet and clicked "Confirmed Paid".
      The Customer then gained access. BUT they still have an unpaid invoice for that product, so something is missing there.....

    Please let me know if these are all BUGs? or am i doing something wrong? or need to change some settings?


  • Expiration should be set to 10x the block time of that blockchain e.g. BTC has avg. blocktime of 10 mins, so Expiration should be 100 mins.

    On exception issue, when you clicked on Confirm Paid for expired invoice, so this invoice should be marked as "Paid". This could be a potential bug, please give us some time to resolve this and apply the fix.

    Thank you !

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